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Imagine the CADabilities

CADabilities are boundless with exocad. Whatever the requirements, indications or hardware, exocad offers users vast design options and seamless integration.

Exocad provides open-platform solutions and offers a full range of digital dental solutions for both simple and complex cases, utilizing advanced CAD/CAM technology. The exocad portfolio includes implant planning, cosmetic dentistry, design and production, and new capabilities are continuously in development. Exocad’s individual software solutions work well together and link together easily through dentalshare, a platform for digital data transfer between clinicians, dental technicians
and production centers. A wide range of add-on modules, offers great flexibility and easy collaboration along the digital workflow.


Why experts trust our digital dentistry solutions

Exocad’s comprehensive software solutions provide the tools to quickly react to the fast-moving dental industry.

Dental experts choose exocad for a variety of reasons: robustness, the easy acceleration of daily workflows, support of flexible business models and continuously improved software security are just a few.

With the guiding principle “your freedom is our passion,” exocad is committed to providing software solutions that work on a wide spectrum of devices and systems.



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