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Contextualism in Esthetic Dentistry



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Evento 29 - 31 maggio 2014

The Scientific Program:
The philosophical term Contextualism, as broadly used in Architeture, describes the esthetic and functional adaptation of a construction in context with the surrounding enviroment. In the ancient Greek literature the verb ararisko means to adapt. to adjust or to suit precisely. From this verb originate the words Excellence (Ariston), Harmony (Armonia) and Virtue (Areti). In other words contextualism is directly related to these fundamental philosophic dimensions.

The unity of body and soul, the face, the smile and the adjacent dentition define the context in which the intervention of Esthetic Dentistry occurs. Thus an excellent and harmonious dental esthetic and functional outcome can only be found and understood in context with all the above. The scientific program of the 28th EAED spring meeting aims to comprehensively address the principles that comprise the essential contextual character of the intervention.

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