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BONE, BIOMATERIALS & BEYOND ACADEMY - Guided Bone Regeneration Symposium



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Evento 03 - 04 marzo 2023

Dear Colleagues,

it is our great pleasure to welcome you to the third Bone Biomaterials & Beyond Academy International Symposium on Bone and Soft Tissue Regeneration. The main challenges for the future of implant-based rehabilitations are the achievement of adequate bone quality and volume, as well as an optimal soft tissue management. A great deal of new surgical techniques, scientific knowledge and advanced materials have been developed during the last few years: we are nowadays, in fact, able to benefit from reliable alternatives both to autogenous bone and connective tissue grafts, which can be used successfully and with predictable positive outcomes in most clinical indications.

The goal of our Academy is to promote the scientific knowledge on collagenated xenografts: clinical and biological advantages will be discussed by experts in the field during the Symposium. The event takes place in the frame of one of the most beautiful cities in Italy: Venice, the city on the water.

The aim of this Symposium and of the BBB Academy is to go “beyond” the specific issues related to bone and biomaterials, with the ambition to provide a comprehensive perspective for oral rehabilitation, deriving from research, long term clinical evidence and passion for our profession.

In this edition of the Symposium, each set of lectures will be followed by selected questions from an expert in the field, as a debate. We believe that this interactive format will allow to discuss and understand in greater detail each of the presented topics.

See you soon in Venice!

Prof. Adriano Piattelli, BBB Academy President
Prof. Fernando Guerra, BBB Academy President Elect


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