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ceramic implants international No. 1, 2018
In this issue: Editorial: Ceramic implants—current state of discussion / From peri-implantitis to implant disease - Will terminology and definitions change? / Analogous therapy for guided regeneration of lamellar bone tissue / Individual CAD/CAM abutments on ceramic implants / Aesthetic restoration in the incisal region / Immediate placement in the maxillary aesthetic zone / Change is mandatory for extraordinary results / Ceramic implants in anterior dental restoration / Manufacturer news / Clear trend towards metal-free reconstructions / A shift to “well-care” / “The future of implantology — ceramics and biology” in Hamburg / News /

ceramic implants international No. 2, 2018
In this issue: Editorial / Patient preference and knowledge of ceramic implants / Zirconia dental implants: An overview / PEEK-based restoration for monotype zirconia implants / Elimination of a free-end gap in the maxilla / Bone management and ceramic implants / Industry / Manufacturer news / Interview: A new splash of life / Events / Events / News /

ceramic implants international No. 1, 2019
In this issue: Editorial / Zirconia implants and digital workflow: A case report / Tooth replacement with one-piece zirconia implants / Single-tooth restoration in the aesthetic zone / Rehabilitation of an edentulous mandible / The key to lasting aesthetics / Single-tooth restoration with an all-ceramic implant solution / Industry / Manufacturer News / Metal out—Ceramics in! / Harnessing the advantages of ceramics / On complementing each other / Ceramic implantology—At eye level with titanium / Events / News /

ceramic implants international No. 2, 2019
In this issue: Editorial / Aspects of zirconia / Why titanium implants create silent inflammation in jawbone / Treatment of an edentulous space with a digital workflow / A metal-free solution for restoring natural aesthetics / Restoration after augmentation in the maxillary anterior region / Digital workflow with a metal-free surgical guide and zirconia implant / Immediate restoration of one-piece zirconia implants / Two-piece implants restored in the maxilla and mandible / Biological dentistry and ceramic implants / Manufacturer news / An implant suitable for all surgical indications / Carbon fibre—established in implant dentistry / Pioneer of ceramic implantology Prof. Sami Sandhaus dies at 92 / Events / News /

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