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PerioPassion! Seminar on leading-edge, non-surgical periodontics with Dr Lisa Marie Samaha



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Evento 29 - 30 giugno 2012

Reserve now, as this course is limited to 7 practices - and you won’t want to miss an opportunity to spend time with her. 16 – 32 hrs of AGD PACE approval earned.

Join internationally recognized Dr Lisa Marie Samaha for our profession’s most up-to-date and energetic seminar on leading-edge, non-surgical periodontics. Hear the most current scientific information on the oral-systemic link so that you can become the one dental professional that local physicians – and patients - respect for knowledge in the area of the mouth/body connection. Learn to develop yours as a true wellness-centered practice, offering an elite level of professional satisfaction and patient care, with the monetary rewards that result.

In addition to her well-established, comprehensive private practice, Dr Samaha has a widespread reputation as the Founder and Director of the Perio Arts Institute, nationally recognized for teaching and research. The Institute’s mission is to share diagnostic, preventive and treatment protocols for the betterment of oral/systemic health. Lisa Marie has advanced training in the field of integrative medicine with special focus on advanced medical testing and nutritional health for purposes of true preventive medicine and healing.


During the course, you will learn:
• Targeted periodontal nutritional supplementation
• Blood testing
• Advanced salivary and blood diagnostics (hormones, liver detox, adrenal, etc)
• OralDNA testing
• Phase contrast microscopy
• Laser therapy
• MD communications
• Marketing yours as a wellness centered practice based on oral/systemic principles

The depth and breadth of knowledge Lisa Marie generously shares enables her to be highly regarded for her enthusiastic presentations at medical and dental conferences and in particular, for her engaging and extensive AGD/PACE approved Seminars and DVD’s, enjoyed by doctors and their teams.

Her lifetime commitment towards elevating periodontal care in clinical practice has enabled her to become a well-respected expert in the field.

Come learn from a true pioneer in our profession; one who has successfully developed a protocol which bridges the gap between scientific research and practical clinical care. Join fellow general dentists and periodontists at the upcoming PerioPassion! Seminar.


Learn more by logging onto or calling 1.800.997.9820. 



251 Nat Turner Boulevard
Newport News, VA 23606


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