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Planmeca iRomexis

Most advanced mobile imaging application

Planmeca is first to introduce a free native Apple iPhone and iPad application with integrated 2D and 3D image viewer with true 3D surface model rendering and capability to access images over 3G networks. All images acquired with Planmeca X-ray units, including Planmeca Promax 3D volumes and ProFace 3D photo face scans, can be viewed, enhanced and studied. Also, operating status of clinic’s Planmeca Sovereign and Compact i dental units can be monitored in real-time. Images from Planmeca Romexis software can easily be sent through Planmeca Online account to Planmeca iRomexis device users anywhere in the world. The account-holder will be automatically notified on their Apple device when new images are available for viewing. The images can then be downloaded to the mobile device.

Planmeca also introduces Planmeca Online, a free secure service that allows sharing of images between clinics that use Planmeca Romexis. For example a radiology centre can automatically deliver images straight to its customer clinic. When using the Planmeca iRomexis over a public internet connection, the free Planmeca Online account ensures secure delivery of images into the user’s device. Please visit for more information.

“This new service emphasises our commitment to R&D and best practices in dentistry. Planmeca provides the most advanced tools – 3D imaging units and software – for acquisition and sharing of images and information for the benefit of patients. This concept also opens interesting future possibilities in communication and sharing of medical information between Planmeca’s customer clinics, while taking into consideration HIPAA and other patient safety requirements,” explains Ms Helianna Puhlin, Vice President of Digital Imaging and Applications Division at Planmeca Oy.

The product is based on the acknowledged Planmeca Romexis desktop software suite that supports both MS Windows and Apple MacOS, and includes processing of all dental imaging modalities: intraoral, panoramic, cephalometric, 3D imaging, 3D photo, 3D intraoral scans, as well as photos and intraoral video imaging. Planmeca iRomexis is now available for use with all new and existing installations. Planmeca iRomexis and Planmeca Online service are compatible with Planmeca Romexis version 2.6.R or newer.


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